Introducing youth to their futures.

SMSJ Youth Association 

Everything that is done in the world is done by hope

The reason behind the cause 
​What we do ... and how we do it

SMSJYA's primary focus is the development of our youth through various activities both educational and fun. Events include movie nights, BBQs and carnivals, overnight retreats and many others.
SMSJYA would also like to raise awareness of and provide education about youth related issues, including but not limited to drag and alcohol dependency and addiction, relationships, anxiety and depression and family and social stresses. We would like to hold informational sessions, interactive group lessons and provide professional speakers on these topics. SMSJYA also helps operate sports and social facilities for youth to gather and mingle in. We have been large supporters of the Community Development and Youth Centre at SMSJ church in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Part of our funding will go towards supporting this centre in order for it to continue to be available for youth. 
​ All of this will be made possible by conducting fund raising events to support the programs and goals listed above. Fund raising events will also involve the youth and teach business skills, outreach and public speaking which further benefit youth in their futures. SMSJYA will also continue to help fund other aspects of youth involvement such as buses for transportation and sports equipment for the centre.