Introducing youth to their futures.

SMSJ Youth Association 

Sawsan El-Rehab, Administrator 

Sawsan has a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Cairo University. She currently holds Senior Executive Assistant position with Deloitte Canada. Sawsan serves as SMSJYA administrator, taking care of documenting all meeting discussions, participating in making decisions related to different aspects of the organization.

Magued Hanna, Fundraising Director
Born and grew up in Cairo, Egypt, Graduated with Bachelor of Commerce with a specialization in accounting and Finance from Cairo University. Moved to Canada and pursued accounting education in HEC, University of Montreal. Proud to be member of SMSJYA to help building a better world for young people today and to develop the standard of education, sports and games and test and promote innovative entrepreneurship solutions to youth in Richmond Hill community
The Saint Mary and Saint Joseph Youth Association (SMJSYA) Inc., is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing engaging services to the children, youth, and young adults in the town of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Our mandate is to promote activities to help youth gain new skills such that they become both active and contributing members within society. Our focus is on developing youth specific activities that meet the needs of the youth in various areas of their lives. Such activities include: sporting events, artistic events,  academic and early career support, and volunteer opportunities that teach social justice, and community service.

​Our programs are dedicated to encourage the youth academically, which include, youth counseling, tutoring programs, and career fairs. Mentorship programs offer youth a positive role model with proven success in the work field and support youth in their academic and career aspirations. SMSJYA strives to inspire the youth to explore career options by providing in parallel volunteer opportunities in order to develop professional skills including leadership, communication, collaboration, management, teamwork and reliability. Many of these skills are developed through experiences such as event planning, fundraising, coaching, and teaching. By partaking in activities organized by SMSJYA, the youth learn the importance of giving back to one’s community, and increase their own sense of self worth.

SMSJYA is also dedicated to educating the youth in Richmond Hill about the harms of abusing drugs and alcohol. We also promote open discussion on issues of sexuality, race, ethnicity, and disability. We provide the youth with a safe and supportive space where they can access resources that can provide appropriate information.

To support the youth in the Richmond Hill area we are building and outfitting a space for them to interact, play and learn. Located at 11308 Yonge Street, the SMSJYA Community Development and Youth Centre, currently under construction, will house all the programs listed above. Your ongoing generosity, support, and trust in this organization’s goals are appreciated. We hope to continue our work with the youth of Richmond Hill for many years to come.  

our hope

We hope you are as enthusiastic about the many possibilities this space has to offer our youth and the many benefits they will receive from attending our future line of hands on, face-to-face, interactive programing.    

OUr mission

SMSJ Youth Association supports the personal and professional development of youth in Richmond Hill, Ontario by providing educational and social events through the support of our community.

our vision

Introducing youth to their future by establishing a location and environment where youth can learn, socialize and have fun through subsidized and supportive programming!

our leadership team

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