Introducing youth to their futures.

SMSJ Youth Association 


Family Movie Night We successfully had a wonderful movie night event. We had many youth volunteer their time popping popcorn, selling drinks, making smoothies and much more. Overall it was a successful event and a great fundraiser. Thank you to all those who helped. We look forward to our next movie night.

Walmart BBQ On Saturday July 18th, we hosted a BBQ in front of the Walmart located on the corner of Bayview and Major Mackenzie. We thank all the youth that volunteered thier time on this rainy day BBQing and selling snacks and drinks. We also want to thank Walmart for allowing us to use their property and fundraise as well as matching our funds that we raised that day. Overall it was a very successful. We look forward to our next BBQ and we hope to see you all there.

​Fund-the-Fun Campaign
The Fund-the-Fun Campaign, organized by the SMSJYA was to help fundraise so we can outfit the new Community Development and Youth Centre (CDYC). The construction costs were enormous – as you can imagine – and with so much money tied to the construction of the building, little has been raised to properly outfit the space for its multiple intended usages, including: a quality gymnasium, an arts practice and performance space, and classrooms that are technologically advanced. The SMSJYA CDYC is a space for young people to come and find support, to learn new and enhance skills - but also to play. Having the proper equipment to administer successful programing is essential to our goal and to the success of the young people who come to the CDYC. Unlike past campaigns, this time we set up a table with a list of items to fund towards specific materials we needed to properly outfit the CDYC, including, basketball nets, computers, benches, volleyballs, chairs, tables, etc.
​Our target was to have people donate to certain items on the list that they thought their donations should be put towards which can benefit them personally or their children.

Electronics Donation Program We all have old electronics at home that we don't use and they sit collecting dust! The Electronics Donation Program sponsored by SMSJYA was set up to donate used WORKING electronics. SMSJYA used these electronics and sold them to those who are in need of a device. All profits from this program went to SMSJYA and the Community Development and Youth Centre.

The Ride the Bus Campaign, organized by SMSJYA launched on April 1st, 2013 and the goal was to raise $20,000 by June 1st, 2013! Thanks to all our donators and State Farm Insurance we have reached our goal. We have used the funds to purchase 2 used school buses, which we will repaint and appropriately outfit in SMSJYA style (i.e.,cool).  Members of the SMSJYA community will use the buses to travel to and from all future events. This is an excellent investment for our organization that spends nearly $2000 ($1000 per bus) renting buses for every excursion. SMSJYA had planned many events through the months of April and May to fundraise for this campaign. Please follow us on Twitter and “like” our Facebook page to keep informed and see our photos.

SMSJYA Dinner & Christmas Musical SMSJYA hosted a Dinner & Christmas Musical on January 12th, 2014. This fundraising event was to celebrate the completion of the interior of the gym. The rest of the Youth Community and Development Center is still under construction. Thank you to all those who helped out during this dinner.

Children's Christmas Trip SMSJYA had the opportunity to sponsor St. Mary & St. Joseph's Kids Christmas trip that took place on December 27th to December 29th, 2013. This overnight trip took place at MBC.

Vegan Bake Sale On Sunday December 14th, 2013, SMSJYA held a vegan bake sale fundraiser. All the funds went towards the Community Development and Youth Centre. We want to thank all youth and their parents and everyone who was involved in baking all the goodies. 

Youth Sports Day On October 11th 2013, SMSJYA rented a gym for the day for the youth to enjoy. The youth played sports, and participated in group organized activities.

Chuck-E-Cheese Day SMSJYA hosted a trip for the kids to go to Chuck-E-Cheese on October 11th, 2013. The trip was a great success, and all the kids had a great time.

Sears BBQ Thank you to Sear in Richmond Hill we were able to have a fundraising BBQ in front of their store. Many youth came volunteered their time during the hot weather and we had a very successful event. Thank you to all the parents that supported us.

Summer BBQ SMSJYA hosted a Summer BBQ for the town of Richmond Hill in August. Everyone had a great time.

SMSJYA Ride The Bus Campaign BBQ SMSJYA held a BBQ and carnival on Saturday July 13th. This event was to show appreciation for all the efforts and hard work during the Ride The Bus Campaign. This BBQ also gave our youth the opportunity to personalize the newly purchased bus by signing their names on a cutout of their hand print that was then used to decorate the bus.

Summer Camp During the month of June and July there was a chance for our youth to give back. They were hired as camp counselors for the younger kids. In this camp the kids learn about the Coptic culture and had day trips around the Greater Toronto Area.

Doors Open Richmond Hill Doors Open Richmond Hill had many different cultures, historic and religious sites. On May 11th 2013, SMSJYA participated in Doors Open Richmond Hill at the St. Mary and St. Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church site, one of the locations on the agenda. For more details about Doors Open, please visit the City of Richmond Hill website below.

Chillin And Grillin On May 11, 2013, we enjoyed an awesome fundraising BBQ at Richmond Green Park. Thank you to all who came out and supported. 

Operation Clean Sweep
We came, we saw, we cleaned!! On Saturday April 27, 2013 SMSJYA participated in Operation Clean Sweep in cooperation with Pitch-In Canada. The event started off with youth cleaning the green space around a local church and a neighbouring lawn. We then moved on to a walking trail off of Selwyn and Gamble in Richmond Hill. In the end, we filled 13 bags of garbage from green spaces in the Town!! It was an immensely enjoyable day spent cleaning up around our community. We can’t wait to participate again next year! Visit our Facebook page to see our pictures.

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination On Sunday, April 7th, 2013 SMSJYA participated in the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination which was hosted by the York Region Police. The event hosted many cultural and religious groups to promote understanding and foster social and cultural respect. This came in the form of booths, cultural dances, music and songs. At the event, SMSJYA set-up an information booth in which it participated in the awareness process by presenting and advocating for youth related activities. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the region for organizing and inviting SMSJYA to participate in the event.

March Break Kids Trip During March Break, we host a trip to a convention center where the kids get a chance to bound with one another as well as with their counselors.  

March Break Activities Both kids and youth are home from school, so we take the opportunity to set up different day trips around the Greater Toronto Area. These day trips are culturally educational and fun. These day trips included venues such as Ontario Science Centre, skiing, laser tag, etc.

Activity Day For All The Kids This activity day was set up for the kids and the youth to enjoy activities such as carnival games, board games, and many more activities. We had many volunteers come out to help. This also served as a fundraising event.

Candy Table Sales Volunteers took turns every week selling home made snacks, and baked goodies. We made fresh waffles, cupcakes, candy kebabs, Jello etc. We also sold some candy and healthy snacks. Different families took turns running the table every week.

Christmas Photo Session During the Christmas season, we had a photographer donate his time to take family portraits around the Christmas Tree. It was a fundraising event and families walked off with many smiles and memories. 

Youth Overnight Trips As we are a Youth Association, our focus can not be taken away from our youth. Therefore, we host a few overnight trips each year where we make sure we get a chance to bond with the youth.

Fundraising BBQs Our local Walmart and Sears locations have offered us the chance to use the front of their stores to host community BBQs. This allowed us to fundraise as well as socialize with many of our community members. This gave us a chance to talk about our Coptic heritage and promote our organization in the neighbourhood.

Family Movie Night We have held a few family movie nights for all the families in the community to come and bring their kids. We were able to raise money through our concession and snack sales. All ages have enjoyed the movie night, and it was brought back by popular demand.

Basketball Tournament Our Youth held and participated in a three-on-three basketball tournament fundraiser. This allowed the kids to participate in a fun, athletic event with others. 

​Senior Day Trips On a weekly basis (depending on weather conditions) the seniors are taken on various trips where they can spend the day and enjoy each other’s company. 
Homeless The youth prepare food and go downtown to distribute it to the homeless on the streets. They also prepare trays of pasta that they give to homeless shelters to share with the homeless. 
Tax Filing This service is available yearly to all seniors and new comers.